Weight Loss Hack #16 Conscious Effort

Conscious Effort

You know cutting junk, getting more active and drinking more water is the first steps to success. But making a conscious effort will get your weight loss and fitness to the next level.

In the past my clients would see some changes to mood, health and shape by following the basics. But by making a conscious effort they would have lasting results.

This means i would introduce what steps were next and make progress towards these steps.

I found that if I introduced too many things to change or implement at once, it would overwhelm my clients and they would return back to their old ways.

So I found introducing one task for 1-4 weeks was enough. As they could really focus on that one activity for as long as needed and gave them time to adjust to any new routines.

I also wouldn’t add any new tasks/habits until they were finding it easy to implement consistently daily/weekly.

Here a some tasks/ habits  I would get my clients to make a conscious decision about introducing on a daily /weekly habit until it become easy.

  • Eat Breakfast
  • Eat home cooked meals
  • Eat 30g protein at every meal
  • Set daily calories
  • Introduce fruit
  • Introduce veg
  • Introduce fibre
  • Train 3/4/5 times this week
  • Daily 10k steps
  • Drink 8 glasses of water
  • No junk
  • 30mins HIIT 2x week
  • Fastest cardio 3 x week
  • Long Sunday walk
  • Hav
  • List goes on………..add your own

Are your ready to make a conscious effort?

I challenge you to pick one task/habit and do it daily/weekly until it becomes easy and tag @resultsgymoffical in your stories showing your daily/weekly efforts.

Good luck🔥

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