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Welcome to Results Gym. Your centre of excellence for health, fitness and training. If you are looking for a gym that offers a high level of customer service, sustainable results, with trainers that are eager to assist you in reaching your fitness, weight and body goals you've come to the right place!



At Results Gym, All our fitness centres have a full range of free weight equipment and fully trained staff to help you maximise your strength and conditioning training. 

Martial Arts

Results Gym have an enviable reputation in Scotland, with champion instructor George Bertie tutoring many up and coming kickboxers and MMA students. Classes start from age 4 to adult.

Health and Wellbeing

Looking after your mind and body is important to us at Results Gym, as well as our fitness classes, we help with meal plans, dietery advice and even your shopping list!

Personal Trainer

All our Angus gym centres have fully qualified personal training staff to ensure you get the best advice and support in the safest environment. 

Personal Safety

At Results Gym, we can help both individuals and corporate clients with self confidence, self awareness and overall safety advice and techniques.

Fitness Classes

We have a range of great fitness classes and body transformation programs that can help you look and feel good. Memberships start from as little as £20 per month. 

Some of our Trainers

George Bertie

Head trainer and company director George is fully qualified to level 3 and has various martial arts accreditations.

Aaron Towns

Aaron Towns is one of our level 3 qualified Forfar coaches. Aaron is a champion MMA fighter that loves training the children's classes.

Lee Middleton

Lee is a Level 3 personal trainer. He also has a BSc (Hons) in Health, Food and Nutrition & experience delivering healthy lifestyle programmes at Dundee United football club in connection with their Fit for Fans initiative.


Wide Range of Equipment

Our gyms are fully stocked with free weights for strength, treadmills and trainers for cardio, rowing for crossfit, plus bags, benches, balls and much more. We also have a sauna to relax in!

Results Gym Memberships

At Results Gym we have something for everyone. As gyms based centrally in the core of both the Arbroath and Forfar communities, along with our new gym in Kirriemuir we have a variety of options for both adults and martial arts classes for children. For more info on the children's  classes contact us direct. 

Join Us in arbroath

£20 p/m

Join our gym in Arbroath based at 288 High Street.

Unlimited access to the gym 24/7

Qualified trainers and coaches

Access to our sauna and sun rooms

Access to all classes

KeyFob Access


Get started in 3 easy steps...
1) signup using the ARBROATH link
2) collect your key fob
3) start using our Arbroath facilities

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JOIN us in forfar

£20 p/m

Join our gym in Forfar based at St James Road.

Unlimited access to the gym 24/7

Access to all classes

Qualified coaches and trainers

Access to our sauna & sun rooms

Keyfob access


Get started in 3 easy steps...

1) sign up using the FORFAR link below

2) collect your key fob

3) start using our Forfar facilities


Join us in Kirriemuir

£20 p/m

Join our newest gym in Bank Street, Kirriemuir.

Unlimited access to the gym 24/7

Access to outdoor classes

Qualified trainer

Kirriemuir's first private gym

Keyfob access


Get started in 3 easy steps...

1) sign up using the KIRRIE link below

2) collect your key fob

3) start using our Kirriemuir facilities