Simple Weight Loss Hack 8# Prepare your own meals

Preparing your own meals allows you to eat fewer calories without even realising it.

You are part of the whole process start to finish. It makes you far more in tune with what food you put into your body.

At home, we approach meals differently, planning ahead make us less likely to add unnecessary items. Like having a starter, extra sides or deserts.

Overeating is so easy to do with takeout food, fast food choices, restaurants or processed meals as they usually offer larger portions sizes and have much higher calorie content.

Meals made at home, tend to be more nutritious and contain fewer calories as you are using simple ingredients that you have complete control of how much you add.

Unlike Restaurant, fast food chains and takeout meals are often heavy on butter, oils, salt and packaged food is typically loaded with sodium and additives.

Eating at home drastically cuts your calories just by the amount of food that you consume. Once you start eating consistently well at home.  You’ll find yourself looking for healthier treats when out and about. 

Applying this simple hack can make such a difference to how you look and feel.

Give it a try

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