Weight Loss Hack #14 How eating more protein can help you lose fat- (part 2)

A high-protein diet reduces hunger, helping you eat fewer calories by improving your weight-regulating hormones.

Fats, carbs, and protein — affect your body in different ways. Protein is by far the most filling and helps you feel more full with less food.

You body releases many hormones throughout the day which are responsible for many vital functions.

Gherlin is one of those hormones which is the hunger hormone that’s produced in the gut when the stomach is empty. It’s secreted into the blood stream and picked up by the brain signaling that it’s time to eat.

The emptier the stomach the more thats secreted, making you want to eat more more. Gherlin is also responsible for storing fat.

Gherlin level are reduced by consuming more protein, signalling to consume less food, reducing the fat storing capabilities by making you feel fuller.

So if you need to lose weight then consider replacing some of your carbs and fats with protein.

It can be as simple as making your potato or rice servings smaller while adding a few extra bites of meat or fish.

Doing this simple adjustment can have a huge effect on your appetite and calorie intake without any majority adjustments.

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