Motivational Tip #1 Simple secret to success!

Pick a goal, then……

“Put in so much hard work that it’s impossible not to succeed.“ - GB

This is how I become a champion fighter.

I put in the hard work, I trained 2-3 times a day for years, obsessed over strategy and tactics. I drilled technique on the pads, bags and sparring, eventually making it happen in the ring. I became a champion.

*(Hard Work + Consistency ) = Success

That simple success formula is what keeps me motivated and progressing towards my goals & dreams today.

The skills I gained will never leave me, the belief that comes from knowing I can apply myself, learn new things, keep pushing when things are challenging.

Think about it,

If you eat well, train 3x week and stay off the junk long term, eventually you will have the body of your dreams, guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for?

Think about what you want and get to work 👊

I’ll wait for your message in 3-6-12 months, telling me how your life has changed, how you feel so much better, no aches, no pains, how you are moving better and more importantly how amazing you look💃

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