MMA & Grappling Tip #2 - What to expect as a novice

What to expect as a novice

As a novice MMA fighter / Grappler you’ll spend majority of your time on your back. As you’ll have lack of experience or training to know what to do.

Even if you’re athletically gifted or strong, expect to be put in a bad spot, to be dominated, until you get proficient at the fundamentals.

As a beginner its about surviving, stopping the submissions and getting comfortable under pressure.

It’s about Learning how to deal your opponents weight, breath comfortably without getting the wind crushed out of you.

Then building your skills to neutralise your opponent’s attacks, break their posture to get into a better position or setup your own sweeps or attacks .

Try to instil these 3 objectives when rolling or sparring as a beginner, this sets a simple path to keeping you safe while feeling the sense of progression.

3 Objectives

1️⃣ Its about Survival, keep your limbs and neck safe, get comfortable under the pressure so you can breath, relax and think.

2️⃣ look to pull guard to neutralise your opponents attacks or control your opponents posture to reduce the amount of times you get submitted in a session

3️⃣ Use frames to create space, taking  the pressure off to breathe, to setup your escapes, sweeps, submissions or get to your feet.

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