MMA & Grappling Tip #1 Know your strengths

When competing it’s best to give yourself the best possible chance of success to win. So it’s very important to take the fight to your strengths as quickly as possible.

You never really know how your opponent will respond or how good they actually are until you fight.

Start taking control of the fight and forcing the action in the direction you want will more than likely give you the advantage.

A good fighter will try to keep the fight where they feel they have the advantage or bring it back to where they are comfortable.

You will more than likely win your fights if you can force your opponent to positions where you are comfortable and strong.

Your opponent will become defensive and is likely create lots of problems for them. Your opponent will feel extreme mental and physical pressure.

The more pressure you can create will lead to more errors or forced mistakes. These mistakes can be used to end the bout or control the action.

If your opponent adapts to what you are doing, then it’s probably in your best interests to try and force the action to your next best area and gain back control of the fight.

To become a good fighter,  you will see what’s happening in the fight, what your opponent is trying to do, what’s working, what’s not and keep the fight where you are having the most success.

This is what makes a fight very interesting and intense, watching how the mini battles for control of the action lead to a KO, submission or survival.

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