Protein for weight loss #5 of 15: Make This Simple Adjustment to Make a Huge Impact on Your Appetite

Protein for weight loss  #5 of 15: Make This Simple Adjustment to Make a Huge Impact on Your Appetite

Part 5 on our mini series on how eating more protein can help you lose weight! We're going to talk about how making this simple adjustment, “swapping carbs and fats for protein”, can make a huge impact on your appetite.

Controlling your appetite is one of the most important things you can do If you're looking to lose weight. But controlling your appetite can be a real challenge. That's where protein comes in!

Eating protein helps control your appetite in a number of ways.

  1. It's the most filling macronutrient, so it keeps you feeling full and satisfied for longer.
  2. It can help regulate hormones like gherlin and CCK which is crucial for appetite control.
  3. You’ll eat less calories by taking longer to digest which triggers the release of hormones that signal fullness and satisfaction,
  4. You’ll burn more calories during the digestion process.

So, just by swapping out some carbs and fats in your diet for protein will make weight loss easier and more successful by having a significant impact on your appetite.

P.S. as you may have noticed I’ve decided to shorten the Mini series to 15 instead of 22 as I felt a few of the planned topics were similar but a bit more in-depth, I just felt it wasn’t relevant to what I set out to accomplish with this mini series.

So stay tuned! for post 6 in our mini series where we'll be talking about another great benefit of eating more protein.

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