Fight Tip #6 How to build fight confidence - part 4 Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Fighters usually lack confidence when they haven’t put everything into their training camp or missed more session than completed .

Being unprepared usually allows the the self doubt to creep in.

  • I’m not fit enough,
  • I’m not ready
  • Why didn’t I train more?
  • My opponent looks bigger, stronger fitter
  • I don’t want to lose?
  • What if I get hurt?
  • Why am I even doing this?

These are some of the common things that pop in your head leading up to a fight.

The constant drip of adrenaline stimulates the fight or flight response over the weeks leading up to a fight, which causes these thoughts to surface.

So the best strategy to improve your confidence and challenge these thoughts and feelings when they surface, Is to have actually done the work.

So ….When they do surface, You can face them head on.

  • I have done the work!
  • I have outworked my opponent!
  • I turned up to every session!
  • I did my runs!
  • I am strong!
  • I am fit!
  • I’m fast!
  • They can’t hurt me!
  • I am ready!

More important your will start saying,

I am ready!

This puts you into a very positive mindset and meets these thoughts head on. The self doubt will always creep in during a trading camp. It will always be there no matter how many fights you have. But it’s does get easier to control your mindset with experience.

This is where you build your confidence, knowing you have put in the work necessary to keep you fighting until the final bell.

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