Fight Tip #5 How to build fight confidence - part 3

Doing the basics well can make it difficult for an experienced fighter to figure out how to gain an advantage.

In a fight perform what you can do, stick to the basics, don’t do anything fancy.  By keeping it simple and only performing tried and tested techniques / strategies will allow you to perform at a higher level in your fights.

Keeping it simple will allow you to absorb and deal with your opponents attacks without too much thought . Keeping your critical thinking for more important decisions.

Watch you comfort levels and confidence grow during the fight as your opponent won’t be able to take advantage, as you wont be making many mistakes.

If you feel you have made a mistake, it’s wise to quickly return to the basics.  Stop making things worse or going deeper into a situation that you haven’t much experience dealing with.

Due to panic or pressure, this is where an inexperienced fighter will start doing random things that pop into their heads. Which usually leads to making things worse.

Don’t get me wrong It’s sometimes possible to pull off a Hail Mary KO or submission, but I do feel it’s more important to make better decisions under pressure.

Sticking and trusting that the basics do work will keep you safer. They’ll limit your opponent attacks, forcing them to slow down or ease off.

Also it can take more effort to blast through the basics and your opponent may end up burning out or making a fight ending mistake themselves.

There is nothing better for your confidence, seeing your opponent is struggling to set anything up or land anything of significance.

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