Fight Tip #4 How to build fight confidence - part 2


Knowing you are conditioned enough to go the distance, to push the pace is amazing for your confidence.

Having the belief that you can go the distance, gives you confidence that you can survive against a good fighter and set a pace that will test even the very best of fighters.

Fitness not only allows you to perform at your peek, all the weeks of pushing yourself build your mental toughness, knowing you have what it takes to push past tough situations.

As most fighters fatigue at some point in a fight, and once fatigue sets in it can be very difficult to keep going or want to continue under pressure.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all, As you won’t have the energy to think never mind do anything of significance, you’ll struggle to keep yourself safe or land any decisive shots.

Unlike physical skills that can take weeks, months, years to master or not at all. Fitness is one of the easiest skills to build in fight. No special qualities, just put in the work and the results will be with you .

The confidence boost you get when you feel your opponent break physically then mentally as they have nothing left to give.

Knowing your fitness and conditioning is superior to you opponent. Feeling there, power, speed, timing and accuracy fade. Allowing you to get the finish or control the rest of the fight, survive or win on points.

Thais is where you see guys beating a superior fighter or coming back stronger in the later half of the fight and getting the win.

So never underestimate a conditioned fighter no matter their skill level as they can make you question your belief as a fighter as you are taken to your physical and mental limits.

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