Fight Tip #3 How to build fight confidence (part 1)

One of the first places to start building confidence is by learning how to protect yourself. Staying safe and taking as little damage as possible should be the main priority in a fight.

This is an underrated skill by many fighters as they think is going to be all glory, dominating their opponents and getting KO’s .

Learning how to be safe under pressure will get you through some tough situations and may lead to beating more technically gifted athletes.

The solid guard allows you to stand in front of your opponent and absorb your opponent shots effectively. You may not be good enough to add other skills yet but your confidence will start to build as you know they can’t hurt you.

Solid guard helps keep you in a strong stance, stops you from flinching or twitching at every shot, makes it harder to off balance you with strikes, it stops your opponent building momentum by putting you on the back foot.

Solid guard allows you to deal with the pressure of a fight, you learn how to survive when you are hurt tired or out matched in a fight.

Start by learning how hold your ground using solid guards to absorb your opponents punches and checking your opponent’s kicks.

Once you have this important fundamental skill down, it’s easier to add more advanced skills like  footwork, head work, parrying, countering, intercepting.

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