Fight Tip #2 Controlling the range

If done right, can allow you to dictate the tempo of the fight, slow it down, speed it up or mix it up.

There are a couple of things that can help control the range quickly. First is to figure out whether your opponent is more of a puncher or a kicker.

Once you have worked that out, make the adjust to get on the end of the punch or the kicks. This allows you to see what your opponent is throwing and makes it much easier to deal with.

Once at the right range , you can relax and see what’s coming. Allowing you to beat them to the strike, intercept their strikes, you can block and counter, you can come over the top or a mix of them all.

This gives you a huge advantage as your opponent will lose confidence in their striking pretty quickly as they can’t seem to land anything or you are returning fire more effectively.

This usually puts your opponent on the back foot and puts them into positions that aren’t comfortable. Controlling the range forces more mistakes, they take bigger risks or forces them to fight in a way they don’t like.

Getting the range right in a fight is a game changer. It can allow you to relax, see what’s coming and come up with ways to take advantage.

Get the range wrong and you will be getting hit with shots that you don’t have time to deal with or worse don’t even see.

So if you find yourself getting hit, frustrated or hurt. Figure out what you are getting caught with. Then make your adjustments, hold your ground on the end of the punch or kick

It’s easy to deal with what you can see and you can swing fight in your favour or allow you to survive against a better fighter,.

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